What’s Your Turf Hydration Gameplan?

June 24, 2020 | By: Craig Fryman

Turf hydration, hydration, hydration. As the summer months approach, we know that our turf is going to need a drink or two to survive. In general, a rule of thumb is that most turfgrasses require approximately one inch of water per week – whether from rainfall or irrigation, to sustain growth during warmer conditions.

Water makes up 75 to 85 percent of the weight of a healthy grass plant. It is a must for seed germination, tissue formation, plant cooling, food manufacture, nutrient absorption and transport. A grass plant loses the most water under high temperature, high light intensity, low humidity and windy conditions. Without adequate water, the grass plant can’t cool itself and become susceptible to wilting, desiccation and death.

Water is best applied early in the morning – a few hours before or just after sunrise, when evaporation loss and the impact of wind are lowest. Night time watering is to be avoided unless it is the ONLY time possible because it greatly increases the chances of fungal diseases by keeping the leaf blades wet for hours.

Products for Turf Hydration

Aquifer (35 to 45 day hydrant) and Aqua-Aid (15 to 30 day penetrant) are two excellent wetting agent products. The definition of a wetting agent is any compound that causes a liquid to spread more easily across or penetrate into the surface of a solid by reducing the surface tension of the liquid.

In short, these products help get and keep the water where it needs to be, attached to the soil where the roots can absorb it. So remember, a little hydration goes a long way to keep your turf looking good!

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