About Us

Specialized Products and Services for Green Industry Professionals Since 1959

Green Velvet understands that it’s hard to find trusted advice, exceptional service, the right stock, the right price, and dependable availability when it comes to caring for Your Turf. 

That’s why our customer-centric focus is on you:

We recommend and supply Turf Products, Ornamental Products, Supplies, and Sod to Ohio, Northern Kentucky, and Eastern Indiana turf care professionals.  We are a family-owned and operated business that began as a hardware store in 1959 and is now working from 4 locations to meet your professional needs.

Meet the Turf Expert Team of Green Velvet

Every member of Team Green Velvet has the job of Customer Service, and if each of them had a formal title, it would “Customer Service Specialist”.  Here’s a list of our staff members, who answer phones promptly, answer questions with a smile, and fill your orders quickly.

Bellbrook Office

Jenn Boyer

Jenn Boyer

Customer Service

Nick Janovich

General Manager

Mike Spicer

Inside Sales & Scheduling

Joyce Hupman

Operations & Accounting

Leah Bomberry

Operations & Accounting

Rocky Seifert

Operations Manager

Craig Fryman

Outside sales

Dax Gruber

Outside Sales

Andrew Muntz

Outside Sales

Scott Robinson

Outside Sales

Gary Snyder

Outside Sales

Randy Tischer


Beth Tischer


Leslie Tischer

Project Manager & Operations

Bri Schneider

Technology, Marketing & Events

Jordon Couch

Truck Delivery & Logistics

Mark Fields

Truck Delivery & Logistics

Mark Hackley

Truck Delivery & Logistics

Randy Ralston

Truck Delivery & Logistics

Tony Sarven

Truck Delivery & Logistics

Larry Coriell

VP Operations, Purchasing, & Outside Sales

Mike Hackley

Warehouse & Fulfillment

Sean Hastings

Warehouse & Fulfillment


Scott Materni

Branch Manager & Outside Sales

John Ford

Inside Sales

Laurel Elston

Inside Sales

Matt Yetter

Truck Delivery & Logistics

Steven Watson

Warehouse & Fulfillment

Dayton North/Springfield

Doug Swope

Farm Office Manager & Inside Sales

Randy Cooke

Inside Sales

Mike Blair

Sod Farm Manager

Sheila Gilbert

Sod Production

Sean Standifer

Sod Production

Steven Summers

Sod Production

Ryan Baker

Sod Production

Jonathon Bodner

Sod Production

Pat Kleman

Sod Production

Dayton South

Matthew Seifert

Asst. Manager & Inside Sales

David Seifert

Branch Manager & Inside Sales

View the team from our Bellbrook Location

View the team from our Columbus Branch Location

View the team from our North Dayton/Springfield Branch Location

View the team from our Dayton South/Cincinnati Branch Location