Green Velvet Bluegrass Sod

Premium Kentucky Bluegrass is a blend of 100% elite bluegrasses for use in full sun or slightly shaded areas. With a dark green color and uniform texture, our premium quality Bluegrass is also disease resistant.

Green Velvet Low Mow Bluegrass Sod

Ideal for golf courses and high profile athletic fields, this product is sure to perform. With all the benefits of our Kentucky Bluegrass, Green Velvet’s Low Mow Bluegrass Sod supports mowing down to as low as ½ inch. Now that’s a time saver. *

Green Velvet Turf Type Tall Fescue Sod

Our Turf Type Tall Fescue is a blend of elite Turf Type Tall Fescue Varieties, some with up to 10% Kentucky Bluegrass for high traffic areas. Deep rooting and drought tolerant, our Fescue Sod meets the demands of our region’s hot, dry summers with the added bonus of good shade tolerance.

Green Velvet Fine Fescue Sod

Blend of hard, chewings, blue and strong creeping red fescues, specially blended for optimum performance under high turfgrass management, or planted as a cover for naturalizing low maintenance or native settings. The improved hard fescues thrive in low fertility and under infrequent irrigation.

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Big Rolls of Turfgrass/Sod

Labor and time saving, this is a fast and effective way to sod large areas.

  • Size: 200, 250 or 300 sq ft rolls
    Average weight: 2000 lbs – 3000 lbs per roll (depends on moisture content)
  • Extra-wide 42” roll means fewer seams
  • Tube deposit is refundable with the return of the tube
  • Free use of installer with deposit and return in 48 hours
  • 3 point hitch and forklift attachments available

Big Roll Bluegrass Sod
Big Roll Fescue Sod
Big Roll Low Mow Bluegrass*
Big Roll Fine Fescue Sod*

Small Rolls of Turfgrass/Sod

  • Size: Each small roll is 24” x 48” = 8 square ft per roll
  • 480 sq ft. per pallet: Average weight = 2000 lbs – 3000 lbs per pallet (depends on moisture content)
  • Small rolls install fast with few seams.
  • Every roll is the same precise cut.
  • Pallet deposit is refundable upon return of pallet.

Small Roll Bluegrass Sod
Small Roll Fescue Sod
Small Roll Low Mow Bluegrass*
Small Roll Fine Fescue Sod*

* Limited availability and advance notice required

See Delivery Areas and Fees

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