5 Step Homeowner Lawn Care Program

Green Velvet offers our easy to follow 5-step homeowner lawn care program. Depend on our professional turf care products to help you establish and maintain a healthy, beautiful lawn all year long.

This 1-page sheet contains all the information you’ll need, including coverage. Download your copy now.

Download the 5 Step Program

Step 1 March-April

Spring Crabgrass Control

  • Prevents crabgrass and other grassy weeds as well as feeding for quick Spring 
10-3-4 with Barricade
  • Cannot be used on newly seeded lawns
    • Instead use 21-22-4 Mesotrione

Step 2 April-June

Spring Weed & Feed

  • Controls actively growing weeds such as dandelions while feeding 
and strengthening the lawn
  • 15-0-2 Viper with Regain
Must be applied to a wet leaf for optimum control

Step 3 June-Aug

Summer Insect Protection

  • Protects against grubs and strengthens the lawn
  • 15-0-4 with Grubout & Fortify
  • Must be watered in after application to gain full effectiveness

Step 4 Sept-Oct

Fall Fertilization

  • An ideal slow-release nitrogen fertilizer to keep the lawn healthy and growing throughout the fall
  • 30-0-6 with 50% slow-release nitrogen

Step 5 Nov-Dec

Winter Feeding

  • The most important fertilization of the year!
  • 32-3-5 All Mineral
  • Green Velvet recommends Core Aeration with Step 5 to reduce soil
compaction & promote a deeper rooted, healthier plant. Aeration can 
be done in conjunction with Dormant Seeding.

5 Tips for Maintaining Your Lawn

  • Maintaining your lawn doesn’t need to be a guessing game or even complicated. Simply following our 5 step program will provide your yard with the proper nutrients, at the appropriate time, it needs to succeed all year long. Remember consistency is key: stick with your maintenance program year-round.
  • The best time to water your lawn is early morning. If possible do not irrigate at night. Night waterings provide the perfect breeding ground for unwanted turf disease.
  • A good rule of thumb when it comes to mowing is to never take off more than ¼ of the turf blade at a time. This will prevent unnecessary stress on the turf and keep your lawn in top shape.
  • Seed timing matters, whether your re-seeding or overseeding your lawn the best time for seeding is usually August through September. The next best time for seeding is winter with dormant seeding followed by early spring seeding. The least ideal time to seed is the middle of summer.
  • Always read the label on any product before applying to your lawn or garden.

If seeding your lawn isn’t the best solution for you due to timing or desire, sod is a great option for a lush and beautiful lawn. Here are  5 fast tips on sodding.

5 Tips for Sodding Your Yard

  • We’re happy to provide you with sod no matter how big or small of an area you’re trying to install.  For full details & specifications please visit our sod page.
  • To prepare your yard for sod start with a loosely raked, non-compacted flat soil.
    • If you’re adding sod into an existing yard, be sure to remove about ½ an inch of soil to allow room for the sod to blend in at the same level as the rest of your yard. Our sod comes with approximately ½ an inch of soil attached.
  • Install sod the same day it arrives at your home.
    • If you’re laying multiple rows of sod, you’ll want to stagger the seams to allow it to seamlessly blend into your yard.
  • Water is the most important part of caring for your freshly sodded lawn. Water, water, water to ensure you keep your new sod adequately wet. This may require multiple waterings a day. Be sure not to water late at night; after-dark waterings will likely breed turf disease.
  • Consider utilizing a water management tool such as Hydretain, to save yourself both time and water. Yes, you’ll still need to water your sod in but you’ll need less water and therefore save time and effort while producing an absolutely outstanding sodded area. Hydretain reduces watering needs by up to 50%; it works by attracting water molecules that would otherwise evaporate, delaying wilting, and stress. Think of Hydretain as an insurance policy for your sod.
    • To use Hydretain simply:
      • Place your sod down
      • Put Hydretain on top
      • Water it all in