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Innovative De-Icer, ENTRY is Green Seal Certified

Be sure to consider ENTRY an innovative de-icer solution that has the Green Seal for all your de-icing needs this Winter! Perfect for the Entry of any building, gone are the days of tracking salt indoors.

Winter Storage of Pesticides

In a perfect world, you run out of the last of your chemistry as you finish spraying your last lawn or tree of the season. Unfortunately, none of us live in that perfect world!

So, we are faced with storing our chemistry for the winter. We start getting these calls around this time of year, every year, asking us for recommendations. Hopefully this article helps you with what you need to be doing for the storage of the chemistry.

First, READ THE LABEL! The label and SDS list the storage requirements for their products right there for you to read. In case you’ve lived under a rock all these years and haven’t heard, the label is the law! You are required to follow it when handling, applying, and STORING the product.

Now that you’ve read the label, follow these rules:

  • Store your pesticides away from other chemicals and fertilizers
  • Store your chemistry away from fuels, including gasoline
  • Keep your herbicides separated from insecticides, fungicides and any other “cides” you have
  • Dry/powder products must be stored above any liquids to avoid contamination
  • Store liquids on impervious surfaces
  • Keep containers off the floor
  • Place drums or bulk items on pallets, preferably poly pallets if available.
  • Store potential volatiles away from everything else.

Now we need to talk about where to store these products. Security is critical when considering where to store your products. We would all like to be able to have a self-contained pesticide storage unit with ventilation fans, but in the real world, they just aren’t in everyone’s budget. So, here is what to look for when planning your storage area;

  • Lockable, and keep it locked at all times
  • Away from any living spaces
  • Adequate ventilation
  • Clean, dry sealed flooring, no porous materials that can absorb spills
  • Large enough to handle all your products without crowding
  • Temperature controlled to prevent excessive heat and cold, no freezing!
  • Signage indicating it is a pesticide storage area
  • Phone numbers of Emergency Contacts & Poison Control

As you move your products into the storage area, inventory the items and keep this list, as well as all labels and SDS, off site so in case of fire, you can inform the first responders BEFORE they risk entry.

Pesticide storage is based on common sense. Follow these suggestions, READ THE LABEL, and you can confidently put your chemistry into hibernation safely and securely and ready to use next year.

The Best Ice Melt Salt That You Will Ever Use

Don’t be caught unprepared, now is the time to stock up on ice melt. Speaking of Ice melt, a brand new one has arrived just in time, meet Lightning Premium Ice Melt.


  • Pre-treated with Magnesium Chloride, organic carbohydrate based additive and coated with a corrosion inhibitor
  • Effective to -20° F
  • Aqua color pattern indicator
  • Safer for pets, sidewalks, plants and equipment