Tips For Ballfields This Fall

August 24, 2020 | By: Dax Gruber


Ballfields this fall will have had little use this year compared to a regular season, but with that, maintenance might have taken a back seat. For all sports field managers with strict budgets this fall, the following are things you can do to significantly help your ballfield for a minimal cost.

Do you have worn spots on the batter’s boxes and pitching mound?

A total replacement may not be needed. Here’s what to do instead:

  1. Find the low spots & remove all the conditioner until you get down to the clay.
  2. Make sure to wet the clay, then proceed to fill with loose Mound clay and tamp firmly back to the point of level.
  3. Finish by applying conditioner over the top.

Another option for landing areas would be to take a single bag of bricks and replace just the low spot. This is relatively quick and makes a huge difference in playability.

Is there a buildup of a lip in the transition from the infield to the grass?

The accumulation of a lip is a cause for concern for injury and untrue bounces of the ball. Fall is a great time to string out the ballfield to proper dimensions and edge the lip back to level with the playing field. For grass removal, you can use an edger or a sod cutter to get the desired results. Once you cut the lip, make sure you are dragging correctly. Drag at slow speeds and stay a foot away from grass areas. Yes, this means you have to hand rake the areas next to the grass, but you will have a safer better-looking field!

Are weeds overtaking your ballfields this fall?

Fields coming out of summer stress, especially ones that don’t have the means to irrigate, may look thin, weedy, and anemic. Combine this with a lack of maintenance and there is a good chance that the weeds have started to overrun the infields.

You can get a lot done with one herbicide treatment in the fall months when perennial weeds store up nutrients for winter. Fall is also the time to be thinking of applying a balanced fertilizer & overseeding to thicken up the turf and get it back on track. Make sure you are following the proper protocol for weed control and seeding together.

Now is a great time to begin regularly dragging to get rid of the weeds mechanically in the infields. Remember, it is crucial to drag correctly to keep the field in excellent playing condition and not do additional damage. Another option would be to use a herbicide treatment to clean up the weeds.

Ballfields this fall and every season will need your attention, to not just survive but thrive.

Fields are living breathing entities that will continuously need proper maintenance to keep them safe and playable. Following these few fall tips can get you back on the right track and ready for the spring season that will be here before we know it. Green Velvet is here to serve you; if there are areas of your field you would like advice on, please contact one of our representatives to help you!