Time to Start Planning Your Spring Tree & Shrub Treatments

February 15, 2020 | By: Gary Snyder

It’s February and Yes, Really, It’s Time to Start Planning Your Spring Tree & Shrub Treatments…Let Green Velvet Help! It may still be winter outside but Spring is just around the corner.  With Spring comes the awakening of trees, shrubs, flowers…and insect pests and diseases. Now is the best time to begin planning your program to treat the Tree/Shrub problems that await. Many of the treatments have small windows of opportunity for the applications to be effective.  Miss the window and it’s another season of plants looking terrible, suffering, and constant phone calls from unhappy customers. Let Green Velvet Help! 

Horticultural Oils in Spring provide a great opportunity to kill insects that winter in vulnerable stages. Apply oils to trees and shrubs that have a historical problem of mites, wooly aphids, and armored scales that do not overwinter as eggs. Temperatures need to be above 40 degrees F for 24 hours. Careful not to apply to “blue” needled evergreens as this can turn them green for up to a full growing season. Let Green Velvet Help with Tri-Tek Horticultural Oil in 2.5 gallon jugs.

Southwest/Central Ohio also has its share of ornamental diseases that need to be addressed in the spring. Anthracnose, Diplodia, Fireblight, Needlecast, Phomopsis and Scab are front runners when it comes to ornamental diseases in our area. Let Green Velvet Help! We offer a wide selection of fungicides and bacteriacides to help you plan your Spring attack. Chlorothalonil, Junction, Phospho-jet, Propizol, and Arbor-OTC are just the start of great solutions. Whether you are doing basal bark sprays, a couple trees here & there, or full day product truck sprays, Green Velvet has the product in sizes that make sense. So…Let Green Velvet Help!