Ticks and Fleas

June 4, 2020 | By: Doug Swope

Ticks and Fleas – if you have pets these are the two most problematic pests you and your animals will be up against during spring, summer, and fall.

Ticks are found in a wide variety of habitats that are suitable for birds, large and small mammals such as mice, deer, squirrel, coyotes, and livestock. All life stages can bite humans, but nymphs and adult females are most commonly found on people who are in contact with grass, brush, or pets that have been roaming the outdoors. Ticks are also carriers of many diseases including Lyme disease.

Fleas are found in cool moist shaded areas, the females are prolific egg layers and can lay upwards of 2 or 3000 eggs in a lifetime.

Products to Treat Ticks and Fleas

Treat fence lines around and under decks, mulch beds and the areas where your pets spend the majority of their time. Bifenthrin or Talstar, Defense SC, and others are in the arsenal Green Velvet offers for you and your customers.

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