The Wild Violets are Back. Need Help?

May 18, 2020 | By: Larry Coriell


Spring is here finally sunshine and green grass … and broadleaf weeds, what to do? First thing is to figure out what broadleaf weeds need to be controlled.

Dandelions, Henbit and Chickweed are common early spring weeds that are easily controlled with standard 3-way herbicide. There are some spring weeds that 3-way herbicides do not control however.

Wild Violets and Ground Ivy are 2 broadleaf weeds that need better herbicide and a different control approach. These weeds take more than 1 application and a herbicide that contains Triclopyr. A spring application will burn down the flowing plant but will not completely kill the plant. A second fall application before a hard frost will allow the herbicide to be taken down to the root for complete control. Some Broadleaf weeds are easily controlled and some are not.

It’s all about proper chemistry and timing. If you need help controlling wild violets or springs other challenges to your turf, call your nearest Green Velvet location.