Arborjet’s ShortStop now for Trees & Shrubs!

July 21, 2021 | By: Gary Snyder

ShortStop now for trees & shrubs

Arborjet’s ShortStop 2SC has been approved for use on Trees & Shrubs. Applicators can now use it as a soil drench for trees and shrubs and a foliar spray for shrubs. So get ready & get excited to save your crew time & money by adding ShortStop to your ornamental care plans.

Key Benefits of ShortStop:

  • One product for both trees and shrubs
  • Above ground, growth regulation means less time pruning and shaping
  • Less people power needed, allowing for more time for other jobs
  • Fewer clippings generated, reducing disposal fees
  • Increased drought resistance- more fibrous root system helps find available water
  • Increased disease suppression- thicker, waxier leaves make it harder for fungi and fruiting bodies to take hold
  • Improved appearance -treated plants typically have denser, greener leaves, show fewer signs of chlorosis, and have more flowers

How to Apply ShortStop to Trees & Shrubs

Arborjet & Green Velvet – Together – Working for you!

Green Velvet is proud to be a distributor of Arborjet products, who offer many great products to meet all your needs from turf to ornamental – including ShortStop. Learn more about ShortStop today.

Now that Arborjet’s ShortStop is approved for trees & shrubs what are you waiting for? Contact your Green Velvet Sales Representative or Your Local Branch to get ShortStop!