Upplause Plus 10-0-0

2 x 2.5 gal/case

Product Details:

Liquid Nitrogen fertilizer with chelated micronutrients.

  • RATE: 1-2 gal/100 gal water


  • An improved version of Upplause.
  • Hybrid of MegAleX and Upplause combines the advantages of both.
  • Penetrant foliar micronutrient emulsion for robust turf and quality ornamentals.
  • Aesthetic quality and photosynthetic strength that stands up to stress.
  • Upplause® Plus is intended as a foliar treatment for rapid greening. The natural viscosity of Upplause® Plus provides staying power for prolonged natural nutrient uptake through foliage temporarily reducing evapotranspirative loss when coating the leaves. Feeding leaves with a carbohydrate provides a highly concentrated form of energy. Uptake is especially beneficial when photorespiration is causing oxygen stress – that would be at any time that a plant is in saturated sunlight. C7H14O6 is a natural carbohydrate substrate found in plants and in the Upplause® Plus formulation.