Triple Crown Golf Insecticide

4 x 1 gal/case

Product Details:

(Imidacloprid + Bifenthrin + Zeta-Cypermethrin)

  • RATE: 0.23-0.80 oz/1000 sq ft


  • Restricted Use Product
  • A Revolutionary Triple-action Solution to Help You Reign Over Turf Pests. Your turf is your kingdom – and it’s up to you to vigilantly protect it from damaging pests. As part of our commitment to Customer-Driven Innovation, FMC developed Triple Crown® Golf insecticides featuring a triple-action formulation for fast-acting, long-lasting, broad spectrum control of above- and below-ground pests.
  • Triple Crown Golf insecticides have been proven to deliver fast-acting knockdown and kill of both above- and below-ground pests.
  • Powerful chemistry in an innovative EW formulation
  • Controls over 30 pests, including ants, fire ants, masked chafer grubs (Northern and Southern), European chafer grubs, chinch bugs, annual bluegrass weevils, ticks, mites, billbugs and more
  • Works through contact, translaminar and systemic activity, making it a valuable tool against sucking pests that feed on a plant’s vascular system as well as foliar-feeding insects.
  • Labeled for broadcast lawn and landscape treatments, mound treatments and applications to golf course turf
  • Also available in Triple Crown T&O Insecticide