Spotrete Flowable Fungicide

2 x 2.5 gal/case

Product Details:


  • RATE:
    • Preventative: 3.75 oz/1000 sq ft
    • Curative: 7.25 oz/1000 sq ft
    • Snow Mold: 6-12 oz/1000 sq ft


  • For the prevention and control of Dollar Spot, Brown Patch, Pink and Gray Snow Mold, Rust, Leaf Spot, Red Thread, Copper Spot and Melting Out.
  • Fast acting barrier¬†contact fungicide that provides consistent, cost-effective control of key turf diseases and can be used preventively or curatively on cool and warm season turf grasses.
  • Animal repellent provides economical, long lasting effective taste repellent.
    • Spray or brush-on application for deer, rabbit and rodent repellency on deciduous and evergreen trees and shrubs
  • Low risk resistance¬† makes it an excellent tool in rotational programs.