PennMulch Seed Accelerator

40 lb bag 40 bags/pallet

Product Details:

Seed Accelerator

  • RATE: 65 lbs/1000 sq ft



  • PennMulch Seed Accelerator conserves moisture to improve seed establishment.
  • It increases turf density, minimizes weed outbreaks and provides a complete feeding of starter fertilizer.
  • Easy to Apply
    • Quickly apply with spreader
  • Better Germination
    • Stores moisture for seedlings
  • Faster Establishment
    • Full application of starter fertilizer
  • Pelleted seed establishment mulch comprised of recycled newsprint, starter fertilizer, and Moisture Cell Technology.
  • Adaptable to any soil type, PennMulch is ideal for establishing a thicker, healthier lawn in one convenient application.
  • Perfect for golf course superintendents, athletic field managers, landscapers and other turf professionals.
  • PennMulch expands up to 3 times its size allowing it to retain moisture and improve seed establishment.
  • Stacks up against the competition. In trials, PennMulch was the only pelletized paper mulch that did not cause soil nitrogen deficiencies which decrease turfgrass growth and development. PennMulch consistently performed to retain moisture and, therefore, improve overall density.
  • Reduce the likelihood of weeds. Quicker turf establishment means fewer weeds. PennMulch keeps the root zone moist while delivering a starter fertilizer to increase root development and enhance germination. A thicker root system, reduces the likelihood of weed activity.