Ornamentals & Spring

May 18, 2020 | By: Gary Snyder

We’re a couple months closer to Spring from last time we talked and hopefully you have planned your tree & shrub disease control for spring 2020. If not, there is still time to get it done. Green Velvet can help! 

So, what are you doing for your insect control program in 2020? Green Velvet offers a wide variety of products and application methods for your program. Whether you want to spray, drench, inject, or deep root, be a contact or systemic control, we can provide you with the right product and method. 

Arborjet systems offer several application methods that allow you to treat trees with very limited exposure to you or your customers. Everything is contained within the tree, therefore reducing the exposure risks to the environment and any off target “good” insects that may be in the area too. Arborjet offers quick knockdown products such as Ace-jet (Acephate) & AzaSol (water soluble Neem) and systemic controls like Tree-age (2-year control) & Ima-jet (Imidacloprid). 

If you don’t use Arborjet systems, Green Velvet offers Contact products such as Bifenthrin, Onyx, Deltamethrin, and Lambda-Cyhalothrin, which offer quick knockdowns and some residual. Systemic will generally give longer residuals up to a full season. Safari, Zylam, Imidacloprid 2F, and Meridian are all systemics available from Green Velvet.