Maintaining Hydration

May 17, 2021 | By: Scott Materni

maintaining hydration

Turfgrass, like any other type of vegetation, requires water for growth and survival. Just like we human beings do. Without adequate amounts of water, turfgrass may become brown, prone to injury (or injured), and could die in some instances depending on the severity of these conditions. Maintaining hydration is crucial to your turf’s success.

Some basic thoughts on keeping turfgrass hydrated include planting grasses (or managing grasses) native to your climate. Identification of different turfgrasses is helpful. Turfgrasses that are considered “cool season” grow best when average temperatures are in the 60s Fahrenheit. Always, always, mow your turfgrass at the proper height. Proper mowing height helps the grass shade the soil, which reduces evaporation, leading to hydration. Make sure, when summer temperatures start to warm, that your turfgrass receives at least 1 inch of water per week. This can become difficult to achieve without an irrigation system, as we cannot rely solely on what Mother Nature has to offer. 

When it comes to irrigation systems, you want to water “infrequently but deep.” This practice will allow for the water to get down through the soil and into the root zone. Along with this practice, be sure to try and schedule irrigation early in the morning; this will reduce evaporation that will occur later as temperatures warm up. This will also aid in reducing the probability of fungal growth. If water is in short supply, aka a lack of rainfall and no irrigation system, you might want to consider allowing the turfgrass to go into dormancy. In other words, the turfgrass will rest and become temporarily inactive.

Maintaining hydration by making each drop of water go further

Green Velvet has a few products to aid in your watering practices. Two that come to mind for short cut and highly maintained turfgrasses, such as sports fields and golf courses, are Aqua-Aid and OARS. Both have penetrating properties, which increase water penetration through the soil or sand media, and are available in liquid or easy to spray pellet form.

Additionally, we carry Hydretain, perfect for all types of turf and even ornamentals. Hydretain increases watering efficiency by reducing watering frequency and is available in both a liquid and granular form. Hydretain contains unique compounds that manage soil moisture between irrigation or rainfall events, allowing your turf to make every drop of water last longer. Contact your Green Velvet Sales Rep to get one of these great products & make maintaining your turf’s hydration a breeze. 

Always remember: turfgrass requires adequate hydration to grow and survive, just like we human beings do.