Flower Beds: Spring Care & Tips for Pros

April 11, 2020 | By: Joyce Hupman


Spring is here and it’s time for flower beds – something that I am very passionate about! I like my beds clean and fresh and so do your customers! It has been a tradition in my house to have everything ready to go so we can plant flowers as a family on Mother’s Day.  

So let’s get these flower beds ready. Here’s what I recommend when doing bed preparation.

  • Conduct a soil test. Make sure your soils are where they need to be. You will be checking the pH level, fertility, and nutrient holding capacity. Green Velvet can send those off for testing for you at a very reasonable cost.
  • Remove any hardwood mulch, this should not be tilled into the soil. Then add 1”- 2” of organic matter and any additional soil amendments depending on your soil test results.
  • Till your soil. This loosens the soil to create space for the roots of your plants to grow. Watch out for any bulbs that might be planted and of course any irrigation and utility lines.
  • Re-define those bed edges! It gives the beds that clean appearance that is the icing on the cake.
  • Once all this is done, rake away any unwanted debris (any old roots, excess soil clods and rocks) and get those beds smooth.
  • Your next step is to fertilize and use a bed pre-emergent. I am partial to Snapshot or TI Quali-Pro.  This will keep those beds weed-free!
  • To finish, give it some fresh mulch.

Great Flower Beds Mean Happy Customers

Once all the bed prep is done and the weather allows, plant those flowers! All this hard work will be totally worth it. Your customer, if anything like me will have huge smiles and beautiful flowers.

Happy customers means returning customers. A win-win for all!