Flower Bed Fertility

May 4, 2021 | By: Joyce Hupman

flower beds

Do you know what time it is? No, it’s not Tool-Time with Tim Taylor. But just like Tim, we can give you some valuable information. Now to answer the opening question- It’s time for you to prep and fertilize your flower beds.

Get excited. This means it’s spring! Spring is the time to get those plants off to a healthy start.

Green Velvet is here to help you by offering an excellent selection of fertilizer options. No matter if your dealing with new plantings or existing plants in established flower beds.

An all-around effective fertilizer 14-14-14

A great option is 14-14-14 with micros.

  • Includes Iron for a quick green-up
  • Sulfur will help with soil pH
  • Contains controlled-release nitrogen, which will allow for a 2-3 months of extended feeding
  • Offers all that a plant needs for a good start this spring

Organic Flower Beds? Get Sanctuary 3-3-4

Sanctuary 3-3-4 is an all-natural-based fertilizer.

  • Contains energy-rich organic fertilizer components that naturally deliver the NPK to the plant
  • Provides a slow, non-burning nutrient release
  • Aids with root regeneration and plant establishment. This is a lovely alternative with its organic ingredients. 

14-14-14 & Sanctuary 3-3-4 are excellent maintenance products for annual and perennial flowers, ground covers, ornamental trees, and shrubs. Whichever you choose, you won’t go wrong. Always remember to check the label for recommended rates for your plant types.

Happy Planting, Happy Growing, and Happy Spring!