There’s Still Work To Do

October 19, 2020 | By: Gary Snyder


The year is winding down. But there is still plenty to do to ensure your fall ornamental care results in thriving plants come spring.

Hopefully, as this season has progressed, you were making notes on which accounts have had disease and insect issues in their landscapes. Some things can be done now to improve these situations for 2021.

Fall Ornamental Care: Dealing with Anthracnose and Scab

  • Applications of either Phosphojet or Propizol now will help reduce or completely stop the disease in 2021. Ask your Green Velvet representative for more info on these products.
  • Something else you should be doing that doesn’t involve applications is removing ANY leaf debris that falls from these infected trees. Usually, we recommend mulching up the fallen leaves to help the lawn, but the diseases overwinter in leaf debris. So the best practice is to remove them from the job site altogether. You can compost these but must make sure that the compost pile reaches internal temperatures high enough to kill off the disease. 

Large Trees with Insect Damage

For larger trees that have been damaged by insects, ask us about using imidacloprid as a deep root application. Since the product takes a while to move up the tree, fall is considered the best time of year to apply imidacloprid. So it has time to move up and be ready to defend the tree from insects in the spring of 2021. Green Velvet offers several formulations of imidacloprid to fit your applications; just ask your rep!

Fall is for Planting & Feeding

Finally, remember that Fall is For Planting! And remember that when you are planting, DON’T FORGET to feed it. Green Velvet offers several great ornamental fertilizers that will give your plants a great start as well as feeding your existing plants before winter sets in. 

The Sanctuary ornamental line of fertilizers is organic-based, loaded with beneficial soil bacteria and fungi, and packaged in 3 forms to make your installation application simple. The Sanctuary 5-5-5 Plant Tablets are simply dropped into the hole at the time of planting. Just do a little math to figure the quantity you need. The Sanctuary 3-3-4 comes in granular form and can be placed around the root ball at the time of installation. Finally, the Sanctuary 11-21-21 + Probiotics is a WSP product that can be drenched, soil injected, or foliar applied. We also carry the industry standards for ornamentals; 14-14-14, Granular 61% Slow Release w/ Micros & 20-20-20 Water Soluble fertilizer. Your Green Velvet rep will be able to assist you in making the best selection for your needs.