Turface Mound & Plate All Purpose Clay

50 lb bag 40 bags/pallet

Product Details:

Mound & Plate All Purpose Clay


  • Turface Mound & Plate All Purpose Clay┬áis an affordable and easy to use packing clay for mound and plate management. Also used to amend low spots or sandy areas of a skinned infield.
  • An excellent additive to soft, sandy areas of the infield to firm them up for safer footing and consistent ball hops.
  • Compared to Turface Professional Mound Clay, All Purpose Clay has a higher sand content that requires less water and maintenance, especially beneficial at Park & Rec facilities where they may not have the ability to tarp mounds or water the clay on a regular basis.
  • Tested in the toughest conditions, Turface All-Purpose Clay outperforms its competition.
  • Uses: Effective at facilities with limited access to maintenance or lower budgets, especially where there is less demand for durability (e.g. youth baseball fields, facilities with sandy soils, etc.)