Turf Mark Spray Dye

Blue WSP 1 gal (GPMSI) Green WSP 1 gal (TGWSP) Blue 1 gal (GPS1G) Green 2.5 gal (TMG25) Blue 2.5 gal (GPS2G)

Product Details:

Spray Indicator

  • Colors Available: Blue or Green


  • Turf Mark takes the guesswork out of spraying! It’s the proven and professional way to apply liquid pesticides and fertilizers.
  • Universally used by golf course superintendents,grounds maintenance personnel,lawn care companies and sports turf managers,
  • Turf Mark dissipates quickly in either wet or dry weather, making it the ideal temporary spray colorant.
  • Available in Blue and Green. The distinctive color shows you exactly where you’ve sprayed.