Tornado Tack ST-1000

50 lb bag 40 bags/pallet

Product Details:

All-In-One, High-Loading Straw Tackifier

  • RATE: 65-70 pounds per 100 gallons water in hydroseeding tank


  • Double your coverage in less time and with less water.
  • The first product in the Tornado Tack product line delivers the strongest, environmentally safe bond available. With its high-loading formulation and 500 pounds-per-acre application rate, Tornado Tack ST-1000 delivers twice the coverage of conventional blended mulch. Now there’s no reason to lug multiple products to the job site and waste time repeatedly field mixing. Best of all, you’ll have complete confidence in the job being done right the first time.
  • Firmly anchors straw to the ground with patented, interlocking, biodegradable fibers and porous ceramic reinforcement particles
  • Saves you time and water with up to 40% higher loading
  • Doubles your coverage with up to 4 acres from a single 3,000-gallon tank
  • Delivers an environmentally safe alternative to asphalt emulsion binders

tornado tack picture tornado tack picture 2