TM + CTN SPC 66.6 WDG Fungicide

4 x 5 lb/case

Product Details:

(Chlorothalonil + Thiophanate-Methyl)

  • RATE: 2 – 8 oz/1000 sq ft


  • Combines two trusted chemicals that provide broad spectrum contact and systemic disease control on golf courses, and ornamental turfgrass as well as ornamental plants, shrubs and trees.
  • Provide longlasting, broad-spectrum control of difficult diseases like anthracnose, dollar spot, gray leaf spot, large brown patch, powdery and downy mildews and many more disease conditions.
  • Since this is a combination product, it offers differing modes of action toward the target fungus. This dual action control helps increase control efficiency and reduce the risk of resistance development in the target fungus.