SlideMaster Infield Topdressing

50 lb bag 40 bags/pallet

Product Details:

Infield Topdressing


  • Turface SlideMaster is specially formulated with consistent sub-angular particles that provide the ultimate sliding surface for skinned infields! The particles let water pass through to the infield skin, helping improve water management especially in hot or dry weather.
  • Researched, developed and tested in the lab and on the field, SlideMaster is an expanded shale that can be used as a stand-alone topdressing or can be combined with industry-leading Turface calcined clays to allow you to better manage playing conditions and surface moisture.
  • All-natural color stands out but won’t stain uniforms
  • Blends well with popular Pro League Heritage Red and Pro League Champion Brown
  • Generates excellent ball visibility and a sharp, professional look
  • Cleanest, most uniform particle screening of any vitrified clay or shale product – consistent with the sizing of Turface’s industry leading Pro League conditioners 
  • Sub-angular particles create the ultimate sliding surface with less abrasion 
  • An extremely durable topdressing that helps lower your upkeep costs 
  • Particle design allows water to quickly penetrate to the infield skin for deeper saturation
  • Can be combined with Turface calcined clay for optimum moisture management, especially in summer months 
  • Particles flow easily through drags and screens 
  • Spreads uniformly, with minimal fines or dust in the bag 
  • Creates a smooth, professional finished surface