Sili-Kal B 8-0-4 + 10% Ca + Si + B

2 x 2.5 gal/case

Product Details:

  • RATE: On turfgrass, apply 3-7 fl oz/1000 sq ft


  • Guaranteed Analysis:
    • 8.0 Total Nitrogen (N)
      (7.5% Nitrate Nitrogen )
      (0.5% Urea Nitrogen )
    • 4.0% Potassium (K)
    • 0.05% Boron (B)
    • 10.0% Soluble Calcuim (Ca)
    • 0.01% Silicon (Si)[/notice]
  • Overview
    • Sili-Kal B contains 10% calcium as a supplement for soils with low calcium solubility or limited plant availability. Silicon increases cell strength and turgidity, making this formulation ideal for summer foliar fertilization. Sili-Kal B is often combined with Gary’s Green Ultra and PK Plus for an outstanding combination that provides excellent and dependable results throughout the season. The calcium source is highly compatible with our other products, demonstrating again the superior formulation technology available with Grigg Brothers products.
  • Key Benefits:
    • Sili-Kal B is a high calcium product combined with nitrogen and potassium for increased strength, heat tolerance, and turf rigidity.
    • Sili-Kal B has all of the same great qualities as all Proven Foliar™ products PLUS these unique qualities:
    • A unique combination product that includes calcium, boron, silicon, potassium, and nitrogen.
    • Contains proprietary organic facilitators, formulated to keep calcium in solution and plant available. Calcium is important for strong cell walls, abiotic stress tolerance, and biotic pest resistance.
    • Calcium is relatively immobile once absorbed by plants, therefore foliar Ca applications ensure adequate concentrations in emerging leaf tissue.
    • Sand root zones can be low in plant available calcium. Properly chelated and foliar absorbed calcuim is an effective method of increasing calcium tissue content.