Renown Fungicide

2 x 2.5 gal/case

Product Details:

(Chlorothalonil + Azoxystrobin)

  • RATE: 2.5-4.5 oz/1000 sq ft


  • Broad spectrum fungicide with contact and systemic, preventive and curative properties to add to your arsenal against many turf diseases.
  • Controls anthracnose, brown patch, cool-weather brown patch, yellow patch, dollar spot, powdery mildew and red thread.
  • Once applied, one of the active ingredients, azoxystrobin, cycles systemically through the entire plant, from root to leaf tip. Even after heavy rains or watering, the stick-and-stay technology of the other active ingredient, chlorothalonil, is held to the plant.
  • Dual modes of action.
  • Low rates aid in managing annual usage ceilings for cholorthalonil.
  • Built-in resistance management Contact and systemic protection.