Regalia PTO Biofungicide

4 x 1 gal/case

Product Details:

(Extract of Reynoutria Sachalinensis)new OMRI certified logo

  • OMRI Certified Biofungicide
  • RATE:
    • Mixed with another fungicide: 2 oz/1000 sq ft
    • Used alone: 3 oz/1000 sq ft
    • Apply with spray water volumes of at least 1.5 gal of water/1000 sq ft



  • Control bacterial and fungal diseases on many species of turf and ornamentals with Regalia PTO.
  • Regalia PTO has a short re-entry interval (4-hour) so you can get back in the field quickly.
  • Rainfast in 1 hour so you can get important sprays out even in tough weather.
  • Diseases controlled:
    • dollar spot
    • anthracnose
    • brown patch
    • red thread
    • fusarium patch
    • yellow patch
    • leaf spot
    • bermudagrass
    • pythium