Quincept Herbicide

8 oz bottle (QUCE8) 64 oz bottle (QUCEPT)

Product Details:

(2,4-D + Quinclorac + Dicamba)

  • RATE:
    • Spot Treatment: 2.6 fl oz/1000 sq ft
    • Single Treatment: 7 pints/acre


  • Contains Quinclorac for post-emergence control of more than 200 tough broadleaf weeds plus crabgrass, foxtail, barnyardgrass and signalgrass
  • Contains full load of 2,4-D and Dicamba for control of over 200 weeds
  • Perfect late season application for annual grass and broadleaf weed escapes
  • Three active ingredients pack a powerful punch
  • Ideal for broadcast spray or spot applications
  • Easy to use liquid measuring and use with limited agitation