Quali-Pro 2D Herbicide

4x1 gallon

Product Details:

(Triclopyr + Clopyralid)

  • RATE: 0.37-1.5 oz/gal water/1000 sq ft


  • For the control of annual and perennial broadleaf weeds in established turfgrass including sod farms, rangeland and permanent grass pastures, roadsides, CRP land and other non-crop areas.
  • Dynamic combination of triclopyr and clopyralid provides to the root control of 35 broadleaf weed species
  • A single application provides long-lasting, broad-spectrum control that helps eliminate repeat treatments
  • Labeled for use on a wide variety of cool and warm season turfgrass with a low-odor formulation that’s excellent for commercial and public applications
  • *Non-residential Use Only*