Propizole by Arborjet

1 quart

Product Details:


  • Arborjet LogoRATE: 1 liter treats 10 trees (10” DBH), 1.5 acres for turfgrass applications and up to 1,700 gallons for ornamental spray applications.


  • A trunk [or flare root*] injected systemic fungicide for control of selected diseases in trees. Systemic broad-spectrum disease control for grasses, shrubs, and flowers in all growing zones applied as a foliar spray.
  • Trees: Oak Wilt on Oaks, Leaf Disease on Crabapples, Anthracnose on Sycamores, Dutch Elm Disease on Elms
  • Grasses: Anthracnose, Red Thread, Brown Patch, Dollar Spot, Spring Dead Spot, Fusarium Patch, Gray Leaf Spot, Gray Snow Mold, Leaf Spot, Necrotic Ring Spot, Pink Patch, Pink Snow Mold, Powdery Mildew, Stripe Smut, Summer Patch, Take-all Patch, Yellow Patch, Zoysia Patch
  • Ornamentals & Flowers: Conifer Blights, Flower Blight, Leaf Blights/Spots, Powedery Mildew, Rust