MN-Jet FE Tree Nutrient Booster by Arborjet

4 x 1 liter/case

Product Details:

Liquid Micronutrient Solution
(2% Iron, 2% Manganese, 1% Potassium, 0.5% Zinc, 0.1% Copper, 0.1% Boron)

  • RATE: 
    • Low Rate: 5mL/inch DBH
    • High Rate: 10-15mL/inch DBH
  • COVERAGE : 1 liter treats 20 trees (10″ DBH) at low rate


  • A fast and effective solution designed for rapid distribution through the vascular system of trees. Can be injected using micro and macro-infusion equipment, or applied as a foliar spray for shrubs and groundcovers.
  • Increases chlorophyll production for up to three growing seasons. It improves tree vitality, and enhances the natural green color, restoring the aesthetic qualities of shade trees.
  • Liquid formulation is easy to mix into solution
  • May be applied as formulated or diluted with water
  • Rapid green-up in two to four weeks
  • Up to three years of green-up using fall rates
  • Easy to use summer and fall rates