Meridian 0.33G

40 lb bag

Product Details:


  • COVERAGE: 22,000 sq ft/bag


  • Granular Broad-Spectrum Insect Contro
  • Meridian insecticide provides turf managers with an unprecedented degree of control and application flexibility in managing a broad spectrum of grubs and insects on their turf.
  • Controls grubs and a variety of soil and foliar pests.
  • Quick, effective curative control.
  • Wide window of preventive control.
  • This granular formulation contains .05 oz of active ingredient per pound of formulated product, and is conveniently packed in 40 lb. bags.
  • Controls soil and foliar pests at very low rates, through both contact and ingestion activity.
  • Also effective and suitable for use on trees and shrubs. There is a wide application window, allowing for flexibility regarding the time of application needed to maintain season-long control.
  • Has curative properties through the late second instar of insect development.
  • Leaves little or no odor, and metabolizes slowly in turfgrass, allowing for extended control with good knockdown activity.
  • Insects controlled include soil pests such as billbugs and white grubs (such as Japanese beetles, oriental beetles, and European, Southern and Northern masked chafer); and foliar pests such as aphids, whiteflies, mealybugs and leafhoppers—among many others.
  • Also available in a 25 WG water-dispersable granule (Meridian 25 WG).