Ima-Jet by Arborjet

1 liter container

Product Details:


  • RATE: 1 liter treats 25 trees (10″ DBH)Arborjet Logo


  • Micro-injectable systemic insecticide for the management of specific insect pests of forests, trees, landscape ornamentals and interior plantscapes.
  • Controls hemlock, aphids, leaf beetles, borers, leaf miners, and scale insects that hinder the growth of trees, landscape ornamentals, and interior plantscapes.
  • Highly effective against Emerald Ash Borer.
  • Now available in the “Always Ready” bottle compatible with the Quik-Jet Tree Injection Kit
    • Why use the Always Ready method?
      • Injecting straight from the product container saves you time and money
      • It’s even easier than the tip & pour, just screw the QUIK-jet bottle cap directly onto your product container, calibrate the glass barrel to your desired injection amount and go!
      • More rapid transfer of product, while reducing product waste
      • Using the Always Ready method assures easier access to the product label
      • Streamline the entire injection process and clean-up faster when using the Always Ready method