Hexygon DF Ovicide/Miticide

4 x 6 oz/case

Product Details:


  • RATE: 0.07-0.14 oz/1000 sq ft


  • Hexygon is a proven long lasting miticide, providing consistent residual control for up to 60 days in proper conditions.
  • Hexygon’s unique mode of action provides effective ovicidal and immature stage control. Adult female mites exposed to sprays or foliar deposits of Hexygon will lay non-viable eggs – controlling mite population through life cycle interruption.
  • Hexygon is ideal in an IPM program, compatible with most horticultural pesticides and adjuvants.
  • Use on ornamental plants, as well as nonbearing trees and vines growing in nurseries and greenhouses.
  • Hexygon is also ideal for established ornamental landscape plantings.
  • The granular formulation is easy to measure, mix, and handle with low use rates and minimal PPE required.