H3O+ Granular OC

40 lb bag 15 lb bag

Product Details:

Root Zone Moisture Management – Organic Compost Carrier

  • COVERAGE: 14,800 sq ft/40 lb bag


  • H3O is a revolutionary chemistry designed to reduce watering, eliminate localized dry spots (LDS), and improve the overall health of turf. Fluctuations in plant available water due to evaporation, leaching, and transpiration cause turf grass to cycle in and out of drought stress between waterings.
  • Frequent wilting may promote the complete shutdown of turfgrass physiological processes resulting in weak, under-developed turf that is prone to diseases, nutrient deficiencies, and root shrinkage.
  • The simple mechanism of H3O makes more water available to the plant, protecting turf from the harmful effects of drought stress, including winter desiccation. The result will be healthy, disease resistant turf that will improve the overall quality of your course.
  • H3O is a patented blend of hygroscopic and humectant compounds that attracts and holds free water molecules from the air within the soil matrix, and efficiently transfers them into the roots of the turf. A single H3O molecule has the ability to transfer millions of molecules of water into the roots of the turf before it gets broken down biologically.