Grandevo PTO Bioinsecticide

6 x 5 lb/case

Product Details:

(Chromobacterium substugae)

  • RATE:
    • TURF: 0.75-1.5 oz/100 gallons water/1000 sq ft
    • ORNAMENTALS: 1-3 lb/100 gallons waternew OMRI certified logo



  • Grandevo PTO is an advanced cross-spectrum insecticide that offers protection against chewing and sucking insects and mites.
  • Its complex actions on pests — oral toxicity, reduced reproduction and repellency — and up to 14 days of residual control, gives golf course superintendents, lawn care professionals, nurseries and greenhouses a powerful new tool to strengthen their pest management strategies.
  • Provides performance and flexibility for control of chinch bugs, sod webworms, chafers, cutworms and other damaging pests in turfgrass. In woody and herbaceous ornamentals it controls aphids, mites, numerous Lepidoptera species, thrips, whiteflies and many other types of insects.
  • Grandevo PTO allows you to offer a premium spray program to environmentally-minded customers.
  • No “chemical“ smell to upset sensitive customers or players.
  • With a low risk to developing resistance, using Grandevo PTO it in a rotation or in a tank mix can help extend the effective life of higher risk insecticides.
  • Grandevo PTO has been shown to cause no harm to beneficial insects or honey bees.