Florel Growth Regulator

4 x 1 gal/case

Product Details:


  • RATE: 3 oz/gal. Average size tree requires 5-20 gallons of spray for treatment


  • Prevents nuisance fruit on ornamental trees and shrubs
  • Removes mistletoe from ornamental conifers and decidous trees
  • Use in production of cantaloupe, cucumber, pumpkin and squash hybrid seed
  • Induces flowering of ornamental bromeliads
  • Reduces plant height of potted daffodils and stem topple of potted hyacinths
  • Increases lateral branching in ornamentals
  • A contact growth regulator based on the chemical ethephon
  • Registered to control nuisance fruit in ornamental trees & shrubs such as: apple, buckeye crab-apple, carob, cottonwood, elm, flowering pear, horsechestnut, liquidamber (sweet gum) maple, oak, olive, pine, sour orange & sycamore trees.
  • Needs to be applied when the tree is in mid to full bloom for effective fruit elimination
  • Odorless, clear liquid