Finalsan Organic Herbicide

2 x 2.5 gal/case

Product Details:

(Ammoniated Soap of Fatty Acids)new OMRI certified logo

  • RATE: 2.5-7.5 gal/1000 sq ft


  • Non-selective contact herbicide.
  • Active ingredient penetrates the wax layer (cuticle, bloom) of leaf, then destroys the plants epidermis cell membranes. This causes fast release of cell material so the plant dries up quickly.
  • Controls grass, weeds, moss and algae.
  • Can be used around turf, ornamental and food crop areas.
  • Also controls moss & algae on roofs, decks, walks and sidings.
  • Works in cool weather.
  • Kills within hours.
  • Will synergize conventional herbicides.