FeRROMEC AC Liquid Iron 15-0-0

2 x 2.5 gal/case

Product Details:

  • RATE: 2-8 oz/1000 sq ft


  • The “AC” designates “amine compatibility” – a formulation buffered to avoid problems when herbicides or fertilizers are tank-mixed with Ferromec AC.
  • Ferromec AC Liquid Iron is a sprayable product containing iron combined with nitrogen and sulfur designed to produce a rapid turf green-up. Regular applications of Ferromec AC ensure a continuous supply of iron to help prevent of correct chlorosis resulting from iron deficiencies. Several conditions may result in iron chlorosis. Sandy soils, soils low in organic matter, soils low in available iron, highly alkaline soils, low soil temperatures or an imbalance of nutrients (copper, zinc, manganese) can account for inadequate iron uptake. The urea in Ferromec AC carries the iron sulfate into the plant quickly and efficiently. Although stable in solution, the urea and iron sulfate quickly break down after being absorbed by the plant to produce rapid green-up.
  • Ferromec AC can be applied repeatedly to enhance the dark green color in turf without encouraging the excessive growth associated with heavy use of nitrogen. Three to five applications per year beginning in early spring are recommended for established turf.