Dimension 2EW + Defendor CoPak

2 x 2 gal Dimension with 2 x 1 qt Defendor per case

Product Details:

Dimension (Dithiopyr) + Defendor (Florasulam)

  • RATE FOR DIMENSION/DEFENDOR COMBO: 1 pt/acre Dimension mixed with Defendor specialty herbicide at 4 oz/acre


  • When it’s too cold for other herbicides to be effective, Defendor specialty herbicide provides early season control of unsightly dandelions, clover and other annual and perennial broadleaf weeds. This new postemergence herbicide can be applied at the same time lawn care operators make their first fertilizer and preemergence applications of the season, giving them a head start on broadleaf weed control and more flexibility when scheduling applications.
  • Defendor comes in a convenient liquid formulation and is the perfect tank-mix partner with Dimension 2EW specialty herbicide for early season broadleaf weed control and proven preemergence crabgrass control.
  • In addition, Defendor is effective at extremely low use rates (0.013 lb. a.i./A) compared with competitive postemergence products, reducing the total herbicide load on the environment.
  • Can be applied in late fall or early spring when temperatures are still cool — a time when other postemergence herbicides aren’t effective
  • Extremely effective control of dandelion, clover and other annual and perennial broadleaf weeds when applied during cooler times of the year
  • Tank-mix with compatible liquid fertilizers and other products, such as Dimension 2EW, to increase spectrum of control
  • Extremely low use rate when compared with other postemergence herbicides
  • Labeled for use on cool- and warm-season turf
  • Provides control of some high-anxiety weeds before they bloom