Curlex Sediment Logs

9" x 25'

Product Details:

Energy dissipation and Sediment Control Device


  • Designed to reduce the velocity of flowing water and filter out sediment, these environmentally-friendly, degradable sediment logs are made up of intricate, interlocked fiber log matrices.
  • Energy dissipation and Sediment Control Device for:
    • Ditch bottoms, swales, and waterways
    • Over bare soils and/or temporary & turf reinforcement mats (TRMs)
    • Drop structures and let down structures
    • 360 degree protection around catch basins & drop inlet structures
    • Curb & drainage outlets
    • Project ingress & egress termination points
    • As wattles on steep slopes
    • Site perimeter control
    • Use in place of bales, silt fence, reinforced silt fence, and rock checks