Cheetah Pro Herbicide

4 x 1 gal/case

Product Details:

(Glufosinate Ammonium)

  • RATE: 0.5-2 oz/gal water/1000 sq ft


  • Cheetah Pro non-selective, post-emergence herbicide provides fast, effective control of the toughest broadleaf and grass weed challenges, including those resistant to glyphosate and multiple herbicide classes.
  • Its novel mode of action works quickly to control undesirable plant vegetation around ornamental trees, shrubs, and potted plants, as well as landscape trim and natural areas.
  • Cheetah Pro also has minimal soil residual, which makes it an effective pre-plant treatment for turf, ornamentals, and greenhouses.
  • When applied to dormant Bermudagrass or Bahiagrass, Cheetah Pro will provide control or suppression of many winter annual weeds, including annual bluegrass.