Bowl Game Lake & Pond Dye

4 x 1 gal/case (BOWLGBGAL) 10 x 1 WSB/box BLACK (BOWLGBWSB) 10 x 1 WSB/box BLUE (BOWLGBLWSB)

Product Details:

Black Liquid Pond Dye

  • RATE: 1 gal/4 acre-feet of water


  • Concentrated colorant that enhances the beautiful natural appearance for any lake, pond or fountain
  • Safe for fish and aquatic species, waterfowl, wildlife and pets.
  • Non-corrosive dye
  • When used according to recommended rates it will not stain stone, fountains, aquatic features or swimwear
  • Restores the reflective luster to water features that have become dingy and off colored
  • Reduces sunlight penetration
  • Available in Black