Bosse Square Point Shovel

per shovel

Product Details:

Shovel that focuses on improved ergonomics to improve the practicality, efficiency, and safety of its user.


  • For transferring loose material or leveling surfaces. Transfer loads more efficiently and pitch material in any direction with ease. A heavy-duty tool meant for daily use by every user.
  • IMPROVED WORK POSTURE: Using a Bosse handle enables you to be more upright allowing for longer work periods and more energy applied directly to the job, ultimately reducing stress on the your lower back.
  • TASK SPECIFIC ROTATING CENTER HANDLE: The Bosse center grip with rotating and locking handle easily accommodates for different applications, making for a more functional and comfortable experience.
  • EXTENDED RANGE OF MOTION: The unique configuration of a Bosse Tool handle enables a greater range of motion than traditional handles, extending functional use through your entire wingspan.
  • Over-molded ASA plastic grip material
  • Die cast aluminum center handle
  • 1.25″ fiberglass shaft
  • 16 gauge steel shovel head
  • 16 position locking mechanism, 22.5° intervals
  • Length – 50” from top handle to end of spade
  • Width – 9”
  • Weight – 5.5lbs