Aquathol Super K

10 lb bag

Product Details:

Granular Aquatic Herbicide 
(Dipotassium Salt of Endothall)

  • RATES:
    • Entire Pond/Lake/Large Area Treatment: 3.3-22.0 gallons/acre foot
    • Spot or Lake Margin Treatment: 6.6-22.0 gallons/acre foot


  • Aquathol Super K is a unique concentrated granular formulation and one of the most versatile and effective aquatic herbicides ever developed.
  • It’s an excellent Aquatic Habitat Management tool that can provide season long control of a broad spectrum of submerged weeds often found in small lakes and ponds. 
  • Aquathol Super K is not toxic to fish or other aquatic organisms and has a relatively short half-life in the water. 
  • Aquathol Super K provides control of aquatic weeds in a relatively short time, generally 3-4 weeks, and can provide long-term control depending on the application timing and the target species. 
  • Minimal Water Use Restrictions
  • Not toxic to fish
  • Short half-life in the environment
  • Can provide season long-contol
  • Excellent product for small lakes and ponds
  • Easy to apply