2 x 2.5 gal/case (AQM) 50 lb bag pellets (AQMPEL)

Product Details:

(Kelp and Non-Ionic Polyols)
  • RATE:
    • Liquid: 3 oz of AQM liquid in 2 gals of water/1000 sq ft
    • Pellets: 1 AQM pellet/12000 sq ft


  • A “balanced for performance” product that contains the proper ratios of cytokinins and auxins especially beneficial to root establishment, development, and growth when sprigging or sodding.
  • Provides relief from water deficit stress because of the surfactant addition for increasing transpiration capabilities of turf.
  • Advanced kelp extract formula encourages root development and root mass, improves stress tolerance, anchors sod and new sprigs, and provides relief from water deficit stress.