Ace-jet by Arborjet

15 gram pack

Product Details:


  • RATE: One 15 grams packet treats 1 tree (10″ DBH)


  • Micro-injectable broad spectrum systemic insecticide for the management of specific insect pests of forests, trees, landscape ornamentals and interior plantscapes.
  • ACE-jet comes in 15 gram packets.  Each packet is mixed with 100mL of water.
  • Effective Treatment For:
    Leaf chewing insects including Caterpillars, Pine Tip Moth, Winter Moth, Gypsy Moth, Eastern Tent Caterpillars, Fall Cankerworm, Fall Webworm, piercing-sucking insects such as Adelgids (including Hemlock Woolly Adelgid), Aphids, Spider Mites, Scale, Boxelder Bugs and chewing and mining insects such as EAB, Leafminers, Sawflies, Birch Leafminers and many others.