5-5-5 + Probiotics – The Sanctuary

(500) 5 gram tablets/5 lb pail

Product Details:

Natural Plant Food Tablets with Good Bacteria


  • Natural biological fertilizer tablet for a wide range of landscape installation and maintenance applications.
  • Provides a slow, non-burning nutrient release that aids with plant establishment at time of installation.
  • Excellent maintenance product for annual and perennial flowers, ground covers, ornamental grass plants, flowering trees & shrubs, fruit trees and tropical plants and palms.
  • Contains a broad group of beneficial soil bacteria and fungi that helps to enhance biological activity to aid with the release of soil nutrients.
  • Contains a mycorrhizae bacteria package to enhance nutrient and water absorption.
    • Promotes Root Regeneration and Recovery
    • Delivers 3 to 4 Months of Residual Release
    • Reduces Stress & Plant Loss
    • Promotes Water & Nutrient Uptake