15-0-8 with Millennium Ultra

40 lb bag

Product Details:

  • COVERAGE: 10,000 sq ft


  • Millennium & 25% PCSCU
  • Features Millennium Ultra, a proven combination of 2,4-D, cloypralid and dicamba.
  • 2,4-D provides broad-spectrum, post emergent weed control, particularly on dandelions and other broadleaf weeds.
  • Clopyralid provides superior control of clovers.
  • Dicamba provides added control of tough-to-contain weeds such as thistle and black medic.
  • Contains Poly-S slow release nitrogen for extended feeding.
  • Controls actively growing weeds such as dandelions while feeding and strengthening the lawn.
  • Must be applied to a wet leaf for optimum control.
  • Apply Late April thru Early June.
  • SGN 150
  • Not for residential use.