Admiral Lake Colorant

(Acid Blue 9, Acid Yellow 23, Inert Ingredients)

  • RATE: See Label

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Black Onyx Lake Colorant

  • RATE:
    • Liquid: 32-64 oz/4 acre-feet
    • WSP: 1-2 WSP/4 acre-feet

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Bowl Game Lake & Pond Dye

Black Liquid Pond Dye

  • RATE: 1 gal/4 acre-feet of water

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Green Lawnger

Turf Paint and Divot Mix Colorant

  • RATE: 8 oz per gal/1000 sq ft

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Hash Mark Liquid Pattern Marking Dye

Liquid Pattern Marker Dye

  • RATE: 0.75-1.5 oz/10 gallons of spray mix
  • Available in Green and Blue. Also available in Water Soluble Bags. 

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Hash Mark WSB Pattern Marking Dye

Powder Marker Dye

  • RATE: 1 bag/50 gallons spray mix
  • WSP’s available in Green and Blue. Both colors also available in liquid formulations 

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Mulch Magic

  • RATE: 1 oz/100 sq ft of mulch

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Seymour Athletic Field Marking Paint

  • Colors Available: White, Blue, Athletic Red, Athletic Yellow, Fluorescent Orange

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Seymour Inverted Tip Marking Paint

Inverted tip water based marking paint

  • Colors Available: Fluorescent Hot Pink, Safety Red, White, Precaution Blue, Hi Viz Yellow, Alert Orange, Safety Green

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Turf Mark Spray Dye

Spray Indicator

  • Colors Available: Blue or Green

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